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National Custom and Self Build Week celebrates the world of self build and the various routes to home ownership that the route encompasses. Join the team at Grand Designs Live for a week of talks or find (or organise!) an event near you. NaCSBA’s National Custom and Self Build Week

The Right to Build gives everyone in England the right to sign up to their local Self Build Registers, which all English councils must host. You can sign up at NaCSBA’s Right to Build Portal campaign, which also has lots of information about the Right to Build registers. There is currently no equivalent in Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland.

If you are applying for planning permission or are a local group looking to bring on a site use this Letter of Support from Richard Bacon MP to press your point. Bacon is a self build champion, the Right to Build Task Force Ambassador and the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Self-Build, Custom and Community Housebuilding & Placemaking. The letter sets out the advantages of the route, and the duty on local authorities placed on them by the Right to Build legislation.

The case for Self, Custom Build and community-led housing differs in each country, due to devolved Government processes.

There’s a host of routes to building your home, depending on whether you’re Self-building, Custom Building or working as part of a group.

There are a range of building methods you can choose to use in your build, from traditional Brick and Block, the popular Timber-Frame and a host of other ways to construct the fabric of your building.

What mortgage and finance routes are available for your personal build project? And what are the options if you’re building as part of a group? Also, what do you need to know about CIL and S106 exemptions, and warranties?

Self and custom builders can claim VAT exemption for their own project – find out here how to do this as the process is precise. Plus discover the land duty for England, Wales and Scotland with regards to plots and Golden Brick

CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) and S106 (Section 106 agreements) are crucial aspects on a build that you must get right in advance in order not to end up with a large charge levied on your build.

Budgeting for your build is crucial to ensure you are building within your means. Crucial to this is estimating your costs accurately from the start.

What are the options for your search for land – from websites that can help you to more subtle routes to finding land locally.

As a Self-builder you need to be responsible about the safety and security of people on your site and where the responsibility lies.

What should you be aware of about planning your build and scheduling works?

Project management is a crucial aspect of any build – but can you do it yourself?

What sustainability and eco measures should you be considering?

Find out why Custom Building has been referred to as Self-build made easy. There are plenty of models being brought on, with the headache of finding land, obtaining planning permission and installing services taken care of.

Pick up some top tips from experts on getting the most out of your build.

Everyone coming into Self-build for the first time will have questions – check here for answers to the most common questions.

And if your questions are about the Right to Build and the registers, visit our Right to Build FAQs page.

NaCSBA and the Self Build Portal are here to help you with your project, whether its a Custom Build, Self-build or community-led housing project. But who else can help?