Useful self build sources of information

Millions of people watch Grand Designs on TV, and every year hundreds of thousands of people read the key self build magazines or visit the various self build exhibitions that take place all over the UK. At any one time there are at least 100,000 people searching for a plot of land.

The more time you spend researching your project and building a network of useful contacts, the easier it will be when you get your dream home underway.

Self and Custom Build Library

NaCSBA, which runs the Self Build Portal, curates a LIBRARY full of reports and documents each containing useful information on the self/custom build sector. Most of these are directed at the professional sector, but there are some consumer documents that could help you on your Self-build journey.

The Right to Build Task Force and the Right to Build Toolkit

NaCSBA works closely Right to Build Task Force, which is a professional body working to grow custom build and community-led housing, with a focus on affordability and scale. It works with councils, developers, community groups and more to help make more plot opportunities happen for you.

It’s website is the Right to Build Toolkit is a professional-focused site packed with case studies and information. Community-led housing groups in particular will benefit from the support and advice it can offer, as may Custom Build groups.


The Consumers’ Association, Which?, has developed an interesting Step-by-Step guide which may help the process of building your own home.

The Scottish Government also has a good general introduction to self building, while the Planning Portal has a useful guide.

You can attend some of the self build shows and exhibitions around the country. Our Events section lists those that are coming up.

Read the main self build magazines and their associated websites – many of these have excellent supporting guides and calculators:

Other magazines which may be of interest include:

‘The Self Build Guide’ is also a good online source.