Why register with the Self Build Portal and NaCSBA.

The Self Build Portal is a website created by the National Custom and Self Build Association to help and support anyone wanting an owner-commissioned home. You can find out more about NaCSBA’s work and campaigns on our members’ website.

We’re objective and won’t sell you anything! But we would love you to register with the Self Build Portal, showing that you are a supporter of NaCSBA. This is free!

By registering as a supporter you’ll have full access to the Self Build Portal, allowing you to search the Suppliers’ Directory and download documents. You can manage your user preferences at NaCSBA’s main site. We’ll also give you some great subscription deals to the leading Self-build magazines, such as Grand Designs, Build It and SelfBuild & Design.

By registering you’re agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, and you can find out more about how we use your data in our short Privacy Notice, or in more detail in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Once registered you can choose whether to receive Portal Pulse, our news bulletin and occasional ticket offers for shows – our way of saying thank you.

In addition, we’d love you to sign up to third-party emails from our Gold Corporate Members – they support our work, and can support your build project with special offers and information about products and services. You can see a list of these Gold Partners here.

Why this helps NaCSBA

This enables us to compile anonymous data about how many people are interested in Custom Build, Self-build and community-led housing, so that we can talk to Government confidently about how many people in the UK want to build. This helps our policy and lobbying work, creates more opportunities for you to build!

Registering with the Self Build Portal

We need some very simple details to complete your registration.