There are many ways to create a tailored owner-commissioned home. And most don’t need you to actually lay bricks!

Some may choose the traditional DIY route where you manage the design and construction process and undertake a fair proportion of the actual building work too, which is rare. Most people Self-build by partnering with a developer or by choosing a package route, also known as a system build or kit home.

Custom Building is like Self-building on a site with other people. There are numerous routes but it’s generally easier than Self-build as the plot, planning permission and services are usually provided as part of the site.

You work with others to acquire a site to split up into plots, then organise the design and construction of your own home. This will usually be supported by an enabler such as a specialist developer or housing association. Cohousing and Community Land Trusts are examples of community-led housing.

Everyone coming into Self-build for the first time will have questions – check here for answers to the most common questions.

And if your questions are about the Right to Build and the registers, visit our Right to Build Portal campaign page.