Avrame produces energy-efficient and durable A-frame kit homes that can be assembled on-site. At its heart, Avrame is about empowering individuals to build their own high-quality homes, whether they’re nestled close to a bustling city or tucked away in a remote corner of nature.

We gave a modern twist to the traditional A-frame design, offering a range of different models to suit different needs, lifestyles, and budgets. In essence, Avrame is all about flexibility, efficiency, and a belief in the power of good design to help create homes that are uniquely suited to their owners’ needs and aesthetics. We believe the house you are building should be a launchpad, not an anchor.

Thanks to their unique design, Avrame houses are spacious yet affordable. Because it requires very little maintenance and it’s a low-energy building, your Avrame house will not force you to pay an expensive utility bill, meaining it isn’t a burden for the environment nor for the wallet of its owner.

The A-frame shape of Avrame’s most popular house models offers a spacious indoor area which is fully customisable.The fact that the houses come in a pre-cut kit makes them the ideal choice to build in remote locations. The homes are distinguished by their steep metal roof, which comes with 50 years’ of guarantee. The angle of the roof makes it ideal for installing solar panels, and thanks to the A-frame shape there are no interior load-bearing walls. This means you can arrange the layout of the rooms exactly as you like.

The houses are designed to be equipped with a generous amount of top-quality insulation, making them perfect to withstand the coldest winter and the hottest summer!

Avrame A-frame house kits are available in 12 different models, divided into 3 series: TRIO, DUO, SOLO+.