Globovac Ltd, a multifaceted company, operates as a manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of a diverse range of smart home products. The company boasts a manufacturing plant and export facilities based in Portugal, along with an international sales office situated in Somerset, United Kingdom. Since 2005, Globovac has diligently cultivated its own brand of trademarked products under the label “GV.” Notably, Globovac has achieved recognition as a household brand in the UK, Europe, and beyond.
The product portfolio encompasses Central Vacuum and Ventilation Systems, which are meticulously crafted in-house. Additionally, Globovac takes pride in its exclusive distribution rights for Laundry Jet, an award-winning, patented vacuum-powered laundry chute system—the first of its kind globally. Furthermore, the company serves as a supplier for its own brand of Electric Underfloor Heating products.
Globovac’s unwavering commitment to knowledge, exceptional service, and competitive pricing positions it for continued growth and global presence. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our extended family!