Unico System

The Unico System is a 3-in-1 renewable solution that efficiently and discreetly maintains perfect, optimum temperatures and exceptional indoor air quality in the home. Unico warms in the winter and cools in the summer, plus removes pollutants and irritants year-round to leave you with clean, healthy, filtered air in your home.

Warm in winter Unico efficiently warms your home to your desired, pre-set temperature. Your rooms will receive a steady, warm supply of air via specially located, discreet outlets, based on our unique aspiration principal. Unico will distribute the air evenly and consistently for an overall feeling of pleasant warmth and comfort.

Cool in summer when Unico becomes the antidote to overwhelming heat and stuffiness. Not only will the system cool your spaces to your desired level, it will also remove humidity and irritants, such as pollen. With Unico, you will achieve a fresh, cool home environment, no matter what the temperature outside. Unico automatically and seamlessly switches between heating and cooling, doing whatever it needs to maintain your desired home climate

Always fresh, filtered air – As well as intelligently warming and cooling your home as required, Unico also filters your air to remove pollen, pet hair, pollution, odours, germs, mould, viruses and bacteria from within your home