Darlington Building Society

Darlington Building Society offers a range of mortgage products for self and custom build, as well as for renovation projects. It also offers mortgages under the government’s brand new Help to Build scheme.

Self and custom build mortgages are available through BuildStore as an intermediary, the first point of call for anyone considering a self and custom build mortgage.

Darlington Building Society has a range of self-build mortgages to suit your needs, and uses stage release payments that can be paid out after strategic build points, or in advance, depending on your needs.

Darlington also has a very personal approach, with its self-build mortgages checked manually by real people in the underwriting team. This means it is more able to evaluate more complex cases that can be automatically rejected by computer algorithms. This helps it consider a wide range of circumstances, such as alternative income from being self-employed, contractors or those dealing in foreign currency.