Keyland Developments Ltd – partner

Established in 1987, Keyland is the sister-company of Yorkshire Water. We are land promoter’s and master-developers, responsible for some of the most influential developments in the Yorkshire region.
After three decades of developing a successful formula for unlocking the development potential of disused and under-utilised land for Yorkshire Water, Keyland now offers this service to public and private landowners through our Planning Promotional Agreements (PPA) initiative. Consequently, our reach is growing and we are now promoting thousands of new homes and millions of square feet of employment space.
We have learned a lot about ourselves in recent years, including just how big an impact our work can have on society – and with that comes a responsibility to do the right thing. This has led us to develop Our Blueprint, which influences how we behave, who we select as partners, how we engage with stakeholders and the decisions we take on design, delivery and disposal of our projects.

Self and custom build have a significant role to play in creating more sustainable and diverse places for people to live and so we have committed to supporting this type of housing delivery in our residential masterplans.

We know that the desire to self and custom-build exists. We also know that there is more access to funding than ever before. By providing access to land with planning permission for self and custom-build at scale, it is our hope that we and like-minded partners can finally begin to unlock the untapped potential of this type of housing delivery.

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