Self-Project Management Advisors (Self-PMA)

Self-Project Management Advisors is an online project management consultancy firm that offers an innovative combination of services and digital products. Our signature product/service is our Self-Project Management App [Self-PMA]. Self-PMA is an intuitive project management tool that empowers self-builders to manage their projects while receiving backup advice from experts. It’s an app specifically designed for non-experts to oversee construction projects, learn the process, and receive personalised advice from a professional project manager assigned to each project.

Self-PMA aims to simplify construction project management for non-experts and make it affordable for individuals with budget constraints.

Self-PMA offers an affordable monthly subscription, which includes access to the app, templates for use throughout the project lifecycle, and guides to learn the process of project managing a construction project. Additionally, it features direct messaging to an allocated project manager. Self-builders requiring additional assistance can request standalone, on-demand project management services.