roof trusses on a Potton home

Government has announced a series of measures to boost the output of the custom and self build sector, including a Help to Build equity loan scheme. 

The Self and Custom Build Action Plan includes:

  • A Prime Minister-commissioned review of the custom and self build sector, including challenges and opportunities
  • A review of the Right to Build legislation to improve how it is applied in practice
  • A Self and Custom Build Land Release Fund for local authorities to bring forward plots on land they own
  • Funding for the Right to Build Task Force ( so it can continue to work with English local authorities to advise around delivery and policy
  • A Help to Build equity loan scheme.

Together, the Action Plan represents the biggest push to allow more people to create a home of their own that suits their needs, budget and tastes. NaCSBA believes that the plan will help custom and self build scale up so that it is seen as more of a mainstream choice for people’s housing needs. 


Andrew Baddeley-Chappel, CEO of NaCSBA said, “The action plan that has been announced today represents the single most important announcement for the custom and self build sector since the establishment of NaCSBA over 10 years ago.


“England has for too long been out of line with the rest of the world with regards the lack of consumer choice in our new homes market. The consequences of this have become all too clear as has the need for change. This action plan should help ensure an environment exists in England that delivers more and better homes.


“Our focus now is ensuring that, as in every other country, the wider public see this as a natural approach to ensuring their new home meets their aspirations and needs. We also need to do more to build the business capacity and structures that underpin the choice that exists elsewhere. Finally we need councils to do their bit to ensure the plots that are needed are permissioned so that these homes can be built.”

For more detail about the individual elements of the Custom and Self Build Action Plan visit NaCSBA’s member’s website. 


Image credit: A Potton home being erected


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