Thanks to its percentage rule for serviced plots, Teignbridge District Council is permissioning a range of opportunities for Custom and Self-builders in the South West.

Teignbridge District Council has a percentage allocation rule for serviced-plots, and through this it’s permissioning a range of developments, bringing on more opportunities for anyone in the area wanting to create their own home.
The percentage rule is a policy that requires sites of 20 homes or more to provide at least 5% of housing plots to be set aside for Custom or Self-build, usually through a serviced-plot model.
When combined with a wider overview of demand for serviced plots, this percentage approach can provide a viable route to land for anyone interested in owner-commissioned homes.
The biggest recent project to receive Custom Build allowances is a proposed 1,350-home scheme on the outskirts of Exminster.
The scheme, covering over 220 acres of land between Alphington Village and Exminster, will include new housing, a surgery, community centre and school, as well as a minimum of 30 Custom Build plots.
The scheme is the largest housing project approved by Teignbridge District Council, and it has taken developer Bovis Homes almost 18 months to finalise the details with the planners.

Teignbridge District Council has also approved plans for a second housing development at Station Hill, Chudleigh (pictured).
This scheme will deliver 229-homes, built by Linden Homes, including a foot and cycleway, allotments and playground.
Of the 229 homes, 46 will be affordable housing and 11 will be custom build plot opportunities.

Although a long way from coming to market, with planning permssion granted at these locations anyone considering an owner-commissioned home in the South West should be keeping an eye on these sites as possible plot opportunities for the future.

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