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Stellco Homes has announced a new site in Cambridge, with a choice of five detached plots for custom builders in the village of Haslingfield.

Having operated as a housebuilder for over 20 years, Stellco Homes has diversified into custom build, with customers buying a plot at Haslingfield able to design their own home prior to Stellco obtaining planning permission.

Once achieved, Stellco will then go on to build your home for you – to your specification, removing much of the stress from the process.

The five plots come with preliminary designs (one shown above) that make the most of each plot’s size and orientation. Customers then discuss options with Stellco, configuring internal layouts, external features and fixtures and fittings. Initial designs for the homes run from around 1,957 to 2,850 sq ft. To find out more email Stellco or call 07976 210 875.

Angelo Baccarella of Stellco Homes said, “Most people don’t understand the difference between self-build and custom build and are not aware that they can have all the benefits of self-build and more by opting for custom build. I believe we are amongst the few companies offering this service for people who aspire to build their own home but lack the time and skill to do so and find a suitable plot.”

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