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Stellco Homes has recently joined NaCSBA, to reflect its move into the custom build homes market to broaden its offer. With over 20 years’ experience as a housebuilder, custom build is a logical extension for the firm to expand in 2021, with activity focused around Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire.

Angelo Baccarella of Stellco Homes explains that, for them, custom build is a natural progression of its existing business. “We see the custom route as a continuation of the traditional ‘bespoke’ service,” says Baccarella.

Currently, the company is looking for sites to bring on, and is hosting its own register for people wanting to build in Beds, Bucks and Herts, to track local demand. Sign up to hear about their sites, for free, by joining the company’s register for people wanting to build. However, it also encourages prospective buyers to sign up to their local authority’s registers, too, via the

Sign up to Stellco Homes register

What is Custom Build for Stellco Homes?

Stellco sees custom build as a way for people to build their dream home without the stress. Once sites are ready, customers can come to the table with plots ready to purchase and a selection of designs in place that can be customised.

They are then able to work with the company, with everything discussed with an experienced property developer who will ensure the customer’s requirements are met to a high standard.

Stellco Homes: five reasons for choosing a custom build:

  1. It simplifies finding a plot
    By buying small sites of around 10 plots or under, Stellco can secure a small development that is perfect for a custom build home, offering a route to land.
  2. Homes are designed around you
    With a custom built home, you can customise everything to suit your needs. There are many reasons why someone may want to customise their home such as making it more accessible or to make a more inclusive family environment.
  3. Fixed costs
    With Stellco, there’s an option to fix the costs once the design is agreed upon, removing the risk of costs creeping up. Stellco Homes works with buyers budgets to create a fixed cost plan to avoid any expensive surprises.
  4. Cheaper to run
    With a custom build its far easier to build well beyond building regulations, to create a more energy efficient home, that is, therefore, cheaper to run.
  5. Time
    Self-building is time consuming, but a custom build can help make a build realistic if you’re juggling a job and a busy family. Custom build helps create a stress free process, as the developer oversees the entire process, keeping it on track and on budget.

Stellco Homes will be sharing news of upcoming sites with Self Build Portal users as they come to market. Some of these may also include the option of self building on the multi-plot sites, where the purchaser can commission a company of their choice to build out the home.

This is a NaCSBA Member update

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