ICF Supplies

ICF Supplies provides Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for a range of end users, including self builders, architects, builders, developers and contractors, across the UK. ICF offers replaces traditional bricks and mortar for your build, offering the possibility to design and create a home that offers safety and energy efficiency in a healthier, more durable structure.
ICF Supplies is a distributor for Nudura products, which uses polystyrene connected with a web system that allow the forms to be stacked and steel reinforced.
The polystyrene forms are used to build the walls on site prior to be filled with ready-mixed concrete, to create strong, durable walls with excellent thermal mass, allowing structures to be heated and cooled more effectively.
The company is able to liaise with your architect, contractor or builder, to help you create your perfect home, and it can also support self-builders to design and build their home, with training and support.