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Intelligent Membranes are fast becoming the world’s leading liquid applied membranes company for the construction industry. Our most famous being Passive Purple, which is our Passivhaus certified intelligent airtight liquid vapour control. This can be used on any form of construction from renovation to MMC Projects.
We are based in Cambridgeshire with a showroom, and can also be found at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon all year round.
Intelligent Membranes also has many other high-performance products form Passivhaus Standard windows and airtight tapes to de-centralised heat recovery systems. We have in-house designers to help with any detailing, and 24/7 world wide product support.

As founding stories go, Intelligent Membranes fist the customary mould: hard work, passion and perseverance have equalled powerful results. Not just profitable results, but world-changing, environmentally beneficial results.
Founded and operated by brothers Adam and Alex White, Intelligent Membranes was developed to solve problems they faced as eco-conscious builders, airtight solutions had to be better, had to be applied faster and needed to truly stack up to reduce energy requirements, saving money and carbon footprint.

Today Intelligent Membranes are world-leading liquid membrane suppliers and installers. Their products Passive Purple, Passive Purple External and Intelligent Windows are Passivhaus certified. A builder’s best friend, must-have on-site support to reach peak airtightness.

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