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3,500 community led homes at risk if Government doesn’t act,


The National CLT Network has warned that the Community Housing Fund must be extended if 3,500 homes are not to ...


Welsh Government announces finance scheme to get people self building


Welsh Government has launched a ground-breaking finance scheme to make custom and self build an option for more people in ...

Planning Policy Wales

New Welsh planning policy supports small sites and self build


Welsh Government's new Planning Policy Wales comes out in support of custom and self build, as well as the need ...

Urban Mesh at Gingerbread City

Gingerbread city showcases custom build homes from Urban Mesh Design


This year's Gingerbread City at the V&A celebrates design with its Future Cities theme, with Urban Mesh's custom build terrace ...

Best Self Build or Renovation Project Build It Awards 2018

Build It Awards celebrate custom and self build successes


The annual Build It Awards 2018 took place in November celebrating the best in custom and self build over the ...

Task Force promotes community-led housing with awards of free advice


Following a call for applications earlier in the year, the Right to Build Task Force has awarded five organisations free help in ...

RUSS training day: From proposal to Planning


RUSS is running a one-day workshop for community-led groups on the 17 November, the second module in its education programme. ...

Could your grand design be built in a flying factory?


Off-site manufacture or construction is a staple of the Self-build industry, with timber-frame homes typically being built in factories. This ...

Self-builders responsible for one in three of all new detached


Newly released figures from HM Revenue & Customs for ‘VAT refunds for DIY housebuilders’ show that the self-build market was ...

Can you solve the housing crisis and win £50,000!


The Richard Koch BreakThrough Prize is this year offering anyone the chance of winning £50,000 for an essay on creating ...