Project Entity

Project Entity is an architectural practice based in the South West of England working on a wide range of projects throughout the UK and France, including individual homes.

We offer our clients access to our team of consultants – structural and civil engineers, services engineers, planners, cost consultants, etc. – with whom we have worked with for over 15 years. Our designs focus on: quality, legacy, performance through technology, offsite manufacturing, and sustainability.

We have designed a fully flexible 3 bedroom home with over 90% recyclable materials, following the principles of passive design. Fully electric, it will consume under £200 of electricity per year for heating, lighting and ventilation. This highly insulated closed panel project will be manufactured in an off site factory, ensuring quality and skilled work in safe and controlled conditions is implemented at every stage. It will be delivered for assembly on site in a very quick time frame, avoiding prolonged and uncertain site conditions.

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