Katie Malik Interior Design Studio

Katie Malik Interior Design Studio is a multi-award winning, Cambridge based Interior Designer that will work with you to ensure your space is both beautiful and practical and make the design process an enjoyable one. We take a holistic view of the way you use and enjoy your space to create the best design solutions. Through detailed visual packages, attention to the smallest details paired with the professionalism & toughness to handle large projects from start to finish, we turn an otherwise overwhelming process into an exciting and deeply satisfying experience.

Katie Malik Design Studio stands for uniqueness, luxury and quality. At the studio, we believe that it is essential to tailor a personal design approach that is a combination of both a client’s aspirations and personal tastes. Katie and her team’s goal is to transform stressful homes into peaceful, nurturing spaces for growth and success. Our process allows us to stay extremely organised and very detail oriented, having exceptional planning and design skills for new, spatial ideas.